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Monday, 18 January 2016

Words Are Inadequate

This is meant to wrap up this series of stories. The title says what I mean. I put off writing parts of this for quite awhile because I'm not sure how to say it. Tonight I've put myself in gear and am getting it done how ever it comes out. It'll be imperfect anyway.
I'll recap the stories I wrote here and provide links. If you click on the three smaller photos in the body of this you will be taken to one of the other stories. The titles of each have also been turned into links. The first is “Despised In Her Eyes”. It tells how I accidentally helped Tracy hate my guts. 

The follow up to that is “The Ice Is Broken”. In this one I publicly make a fool of myself thereby endearing myself to her and making one of the best friends of my college years. 

After that we engaged in a “Prank War”. All three stories bring back fond memories of my friend.

The last time I saw Tracy in person was just before she left college. She elected to drop out. I'm not sure of the actual reasons but many of us were sad to see her go. At the time both of us had been freshly jilted and she gave me a speech about there being more fish in the sea. Almost anyone else at the time would have annoyed me with that but her sincerity made it comforting the same. I'm not sure if her speech was just as much for her own battered heart as it was for mine.

At that point in time we lost track of each other for many years. We both married and had families. I was the lucky one. Her marriage went sour and eventually failed. She did meet someone else and eventually that relationship went sour as well.

We reconnected through Facebook. She was active there intermittently, so I wasn't surprised not to hear from her for extended period at a time. She reconnected with out college friends about that time as well. I know she was suffering from chronic pain and depression and talked about it some with us. I wished she had talked more but I don't know whether it would have helped.

Early 2015 I found out that she had passed away from an overdose on her pain medication. Whether accidental or on purpose was not determined. That was the start of a rather difficult year for me. In 2015, I lost several friends besides her. One to brain cancer and another to respiratory failure. Her passing hurt the most of those friends. She was so alive and intelligent when I knew her best and part of my mind still struggles with this. She deserved so much better from life.

Like I titled this words are inadequate. Rest in peace my friend.