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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Toll Booths at the Border

Courtesy Pixabay

Read this in the paper and think it's a stupid idea. Apparently the New Brunswick government is exploring options for addressing the the provinces financial woes. One of the things under consideration is putting toll booths on the Trans-Canada where it comes in from Quebec and Nova Scotia. For this area it would be nothing less than a disaster.

We aren't the only people in this area, who aren't exactly wealthy. With a toll booth in Aulac, we'd have to pay to go shopping in Amherst and pay again when we go back. A large part of Amherst and Spring Hill commute to work in Moncton. They would pay the toll in both directions as well. Pay rates in Moncton aren't anything to get excited about. Might bring in some cash for our impoverished politicians, but they won't be making friends in this area.

I can't imagine that a toll on the road would do our restaurant any good either. Most of our out of town business comes from our proximity to the Trans-Canada. Tourists and other travelers stop by for a bite to eat. If it gets shut down because of a blizzard they all wait with us for it to reopen and eat lots of food.

Both the Amherst and Sackville areas voted heavily for the provincial and federal Liberal parties. I think the people here are expecting to get treated a little bit better than that. This is one idea all of us here hope never gets further than this.