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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

We Are the Borg...

The boys had to go outside in the dark to fetch firewood because they were too busy playing online games while it was daylight. At the door they realized they forgot to grab one of their flashlights first. Maybe they didn't forget because they were eager to borrow my head strap flashlight. I didn't know why until I let them in with the first arm full.

Francine bought it for me on an inspiration because it would allow me to have both my hands free while dealing with whatever late chore was on my plate. I always wore it up on my forehead like a miners head lamp. Never occurred to me how cool it would look wearing it as an eye patch. The picture was very difficult to take because of lighting problems. It still doesn't quite capture reality but I'm sure it comes close.

First thing I did was laugh and then referring to one of the kids favourite animated movies, Treasure Planet, I intoned, "Beware the Cyborg."

The weather is miserable cold but the family sense of humour keeps us going. Both Brandon and Andrew took turns with the look but since it was Andrew's idea, he got to be the model for the photo shoot. Remember resistance is futile.