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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Grateful For Answered Prayer

It's the time of year. Business in the whole area seems to be slowing down. At work the past week our hours were reduced and I think it was across the board. Always a worry for us. It's a lot harder to pay the bills when the check gets smaller.

We prayed that I'd get called in to fill in on one of my days off and this week that's exactly what happened. Next check will look just fine. I am happy but we all did a bit of whining anyway. Dad wants to get more firewood and time to write, Mom doesn't want to play taxi driver, wants time to paint and get chores done, and son didn't want to leave early for work top sit around for thirty minutes until his shift started. Those were the downsides. Am glad God is patient with us.

I don't think were alone in wanting life to be easier. I would love to make enough money from my writing and other endeavors not to have to work for anyone. I also love to have the cash to upgrade our abode to comfortable. I'm still praying for those things. God knows what's good for us and probably life on easy street won't benefit me much.

Answers to my smaller prayers are always appreciated even if I'm not a ray of sunshine every minute of the day.