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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Bone Weary

Courtesy Pixabay

Not even seven o'clock in the evening and I'm ready to go to bed. No I'm not sick. Just worked my tail off and like my chainsaw, I'm pretty much out of gas.

Worked the maintenance shift at work which is not the most exhausting thing I could be doing there. Unloading the truck is a whole lot more tiring. I did that on Sunday. Haven't really slowed down though since Saturday evening and there is a bit of an accumulative effect going on here.

After work I came home sharpened the chainsaw and cut down dead trees. This is the fourth consecutive evening doing that but the last three evenings I cut down one each time, cut it up and hauled it all back. Because I'm off tomorrow, tonight I cut down three and cut up most of a fourth one that was already down before I ran out of gas. Forecast isn't calling for any significant snow so I only harassed the boys enough for them to go out and know where it's all laying. I hauled and chopped enough to heat for the next day or so without taking from the existing woodpile. Last I hauled back one huge chunk to use as a new chopping block. Old one is getting pretty chewed up.

After that I went inside, powered up the computer and did some hashtag research for my up coming Twitter campaign and it just kind of hit me. For my daily writing efforts I'm on track but drawing a mental blank. For tonight this is the best I've got.