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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Thanks for the Hard Work Boys

Andrew and Sheldon in action

Last week we cut down our first tree after dark Saturday evening because we were getting uncomfortably low in firewood. In the name of keeping our costs down, we cut down that dead tree that night and with favorable weather and hard work we kept at it.

This afternoon the boys and I hauled in the last cut pieces. Right now our firewood supply is greater in size than it was at the beginning of the winter. Not only that, but this wood is far better quality than what we had. The steady cold has meant the wood has stayed dry and indoors we've managed to keep the camp comfortably warm

Big thanks to Brandon, Andrew and Sheldon, my boys, for hauling so much of it in for me. It is appreciated. We'll have more to do through the course of the winter but we've shown that even under less than ideal conditions we can get the work done. I'm confident we'll keep up through the rest of the winter. The savings in heating costs is considerable.

For the time being we are going to scale back on cutting wood in the bush because we only have so much dry space to store it. That space right now is full. Tomorrow's wood is still stacked in the chopping station because there isn't anymore room for it.

Been a great cozy warm week. Thanks guys!

Chopping station ready for more