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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Our Cursed Internet Connection

Xplornet is not my favourite Internet provider. Unfortunately where we live, they are the only game in town. There are things about them that really bug me but we're resigned to live with it.

First and foremost their customer service really sucks. Thankfully for the past year we haven't needed their help much. Prior to that the system had some reliability issues and calling them to solve anything was a nightmare.

To troubleshoot they want you on a land line phone. Guess what? We don't have a land line and where we live we can't get one. Our phone works through the Internet. We did our best to work with it. We would use the neighbour's phone and relay instructions by walkie talkie. Great idea if someone answers the phone on their end and goes through the troubleshooting before the batteries go dead. Good luck with that.

We have learned by experience that when you go over your monthly limit they don't just charge more. They also slow your connection way down until the month cycle restarts. With seven users in the household that sometimes happens to us. Like right now and we get to suffer until Saturday. Not real happy with a connection that allows us to do very little right now. The company doesn't tell you about this by the way. We heard that they did this and experience has told us that it is true. On the bright side it's impossible to get whacked with huge overage fees like this.

For the next few days we will just suffer.