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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Keeping It Between the Ditches

Well our third blizzard of the week is past. It hit Sackville about six o'clock last evening.  I finished work at nine so I had to drive home through the first part of it. Thankfully the wind really didn't pick up that strong until later. If it had I would have spent the night in town.

The road leading up to our place isn't very high priority so it wasn't ploughed at all yet. There were places were the road didn't really look any different than the field next to it. I know the route well and is long as I didn't run into anything real deep, I was fine.

Nobody else on the road so I'll I had to worry about was keeping it between the ditches and maintain enough momentum to get through the forming drifts. I got home without any real difficulty. The last half kilometre is by snowshoe. That was not pleasant but there was a warm place at the end of it all.

I'm sure my readers are getting sick of me writing about the weather as much as I'm looking forward to an upturn in the climate. I'll write other stuff tomorrow - promise.