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Friday, 13 February 2015

I Miss My Beard

It started out as the low maintenance look. Moustache and goatee were the only places my beard grew thick enough for daily shaving. It suited me and it was easy to take care of. I thought it looked good if I kept it properly trimmed.

My current employment requires me to be clean shaven. Ugh. The lack of facial hair accentuates the lines in my face and makes my expression look more severe. I don't look older. Heck my beard was mostly grey already but it did look more distinguished.

To add insult to injury my work uniform includes a baseball cap. Of all the hats in existence, I look terrible in a baseball cap. I look much better in a cowboy hat or a longshoreman cap. Oh well, I'm hidden back in the kitchen usually hovering over the grill or fryer. Only my co-workers have to see me.

The job is appreciated and the employer has been good to us. If I move on to other work, the facial hair will make a come back about as quickly as it will grow.