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Monday, 9 February 2015

Hmm... Amazon links on Facebook

Not sure how I feel about this.

This morning I posted another book review on my book review website. I immediately submitted the post information through Facebook and other social media sites to let my readers know it is available for reading. I think I've gotten pretty efficient at getting the word out there.

I went back to Facebook a little later to check to see if I got any responses from people. I like to acknowledge when people address me as a writer. When I got there I noticed Facebook advertising the book I just put a review up for in the right hand column. Seems that they are pretty quick to pick up on what I'm doing.

I do have a small plea here. If my reviews inspire you to buy the book through Amazon. Please use my link instead of theirs. Once you've accessed the link you can go to other formats and get the best price for you. Facebook can't get you better prices than I can.  They need the money far less than I do.

Thanks to all my readers who take the time to look at my writing. It is appreciated whether you buy something or not.