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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Auto Response

At work yesterday someone thought to slap one of the headsets on me. Great idea. It allowed me to hear the drive thru orders and get them prepared faster than I normally would have been able. I didn't have to wait for the order to be confirmed to know what the customer wanted and whether it was a complete order. I could tell just from what they said. Normally I have to wait for the information to flash up on the kitchen monitors. 

There is a problem with all this though. I used to work for years in a call centre. When the drive thru customer hits the button for the intercom, I get a beep that is exactly the same tone that used to tell me a call was coming through for me to handle. Good thing I have to press a button by my ear for anyone to hear me because I instantly start rolling out my call centre greeting. I had to bite my tongue every time a customer beeped. Old habits are so hard to break.

They didn't forget to tell me how to talk back to anyone. That could have gotten real entertaining because the wrong button would have had me speaking on the intercom outside to the whole world. They gave me the complete run down before confiscating that piece of equipment.