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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Advertising Baby Steps

This is something that I wanted to accomplish since I found out I was able to create Amazon affiliate stores focused on specific items. I created the stores with great enthusiasm and then didn't like any of the display options.

Just adding each store to the website table of contents looked virtually invisible to me. I put a lot of effort into finding advertising for products that I though my readership would appreciate. It doesn't do anyone any good if it can't be easily noticed though.

Creating my own graphics is not completely beyond me but I did appreciate Brandon's assistance and the opinions of the rest of the family. Both ads created today are displayed in this post. I'm open to opinions and comments. Feedback will help me tailor the site so that it is not only interesting but useful.

All my Amazon affiliate advertisements are tied together in my account. I get six percent of all sales when I make four or more sales in a month. If I get less it is only four percent. At this point, I haven't sold a thing but then again my stores were pretty much invisible.

I hope to add a third store to one of my other sites but because I want to pick and choose products useful to a writer, it's a little more complicated to put together. Not sure what else I can do with all this. I'm just pleased to have been able to put this much together. Hopefully it will help pay back some of the time that I've put into this.

Incidentally the ads show on and