Anything I write that has to do with writing will be in From Pico's Pen, my author's blog. Everything that doesn't fit any of the sites I write on will be here. This is my practice. I could have kept it private and farmed out the good stuff but I found my readers like too much of it to do that. It isn't a diary because there are things I keep to myself but you can learn a great deal about me from the randomness you will find here.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Done For the Day

Don't know why but I feel pretty blah. Migraines run in my family but I'm not cursed with those. I do have a headache though.

Not sure what gives. Didn't have a bad day at work even though I forgot my work shoes. Ended up working in my boots. Warm feet shouldn't make my head hurt though.

Using an electric shaver while my wife drives down country roads wasn't a good idea though. The batteries were full or it would have been a failure. Running the thing all over my face for awhile gave pretty random results. I looked worse than when I started. The job was done before getting work though so we are all good.

Anyway I want to start my Sabbath's rest early. I'm beat.