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Monday, 2 February 2015

Enough Already!

We are bracing for our third blizzard in the past week. After this one I think we should be done with winter. Nova Scotia Sam says there will be more winter coming because said varmint saw his shadow. I think we should lynch him. I don't care that his prediction success is the best of all ground hogs in North America. His success rate stands at 42%, which makes me wonder why we put any stock in that nonsense anyway.

Brandon will be home before this one hits. Andrew isn't scheduled to work till tomorrow night. The only one who could potentially get caught out in this one is me. I'll be taking the snowshoes with me to work. I'll probably need them. We'd beaten a path through the deep snow that is hard enough to walk on but chances are I won't be able to see where it is by the time I make the trek home tonight. Off the path the snow on the roadway is deep. I should bring my winter coveralls as well.

We'll be warm an snug though. I managed to cut down two dead trees yesterday and get enough firewood in the camp to hold us until the weather clears again. I'm running well ahead of the heating problem and have a few free days this week to put me even further ahead again. Plenty of dead dry seasoned wood out there. Just have to expend the time and effort to go get it.

Second storm knocked us off line. I'm hoping that won't happen with the coming one. My online work suffers whenever that takes a hit. Thankfully it only took two days for them to get it fixed this time around.