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Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Storm is Passed

The big storm that hit the northeastern USA and Canada ran right over us. I've seen far worse. It was bad enough though. Can't hardly wait for spring and warmer weather.

The restaurant I worked in closed once they realized that with the TransCanada closed we weren't going to get much business. Francine had to come and pick me up early. She got so confused in our parking lot. We had a private plough doing the lot while the gas station sharing our lot had their own plough there. There were at least two other ploughs there waiting to get coffee. She wasn't sure where to go to not be in the way.

Andrew's shift got cancelled entirely. On the bright side I got a free meal and hot chocolate for actually showing up so it wasn't a loss. Cleaning the grill isn't my favourite job though and showing up was tantamount to volunteering for the chore.

Yesterday we were open again and I had to go outside and dig up the garbage cans. People can't use them is they can reach or find them. Ended up putting in extra hours filling in for sick bodies. That bug that hit us is really making the rounds. I'm at about 90% now. Still have occasional coughing fits but otherwise have most of my strength.

Our camp is snowed in right now. Only access is by snowmobile or snowshoe. Been easier in that regard than last winter. The half kilometre hike in and out is a good workout.