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Monday, 26 January 2015

Miserable Today

The bug that laid so many of kids low is ravaging me right now. It isn't as bad as I feared. My lungs have cleared enough for me to conclude that inhalers won't be necessary. I hate taking medication of any kind. I still have a bad cough, at times a low grade fever and have some trouble keeping myself warm enough. Same thing everyone else suffered through except the upset stomach. Don't feel too sorry for me though. Francine is still here to nurse us all. Maybe you should feel sorry for her.

The above photo was taken last year after a pretty epic snowstorm. Right now we have very little snow but by tomorrow night I'm expecting things to look more like this picture. If I can be back up to strength, I'm hoping to be able to work my scheduled shift. Failing that we go to emergency in town and get doctor's note excusing me. I hate losing time off work for any reason. I rarely do and if I can help it tomorrow won't be any different.

I have done a little bit of writing today. The rest of the time I've been in bed. I am heartened by how well my new Blogs are doing. This one especially is doing well. My cycling magazine in only six page views away from 1000 for January. Our previous best was 708 in a month so I'm doing something right.

I was hoping to create a more intuitive button for the bicycle and book shops powered by Amazon. I get four percent of all sales up to three per month. Four sales and above boosts that number to six percent. It doesn't do me any good if no one notices the advertisement or button.