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Monday, 7 March 2016

Starting Wrong

Courtesy Pixabay

This day was memorable for all the wrong reasons. It's coming close to a close and I'm still not sure I'm accomplishing anything. I know exactly when it went wrong though. It was when I opened my eyes and saw the dawn beginning to light the sky. Why didn't my alarm clock go off or how did I turn it off without waking up?

Of course nothing was ready for my hasty departure. My uniform pants were still hanging on the clothesline in front of the woodstove. At least they were dry. Seems like everything was working against me too. I rapid fire scraped the windshield of the van after having some trouble finding the scraper. Of course it fogged up and refroze before I got more than a few hundred feet down the road. Second round of scraping gave the glass time to warm up a bit more and I didn't have to do it a third time.

I managed to choke down a banana while bouncing across the Tantramar marsh. Thankfully my fifteen minutes late arrival didn't cause any great concern amoung the managers. I was more disturbed than anyone else. I absolutely hate being late for anything. It isn't who I am.

Punched in and ready for action, I opened the door to the electrical room. It was a mess but I've dealt with worse. Bringing the garbage to the corral though brought me another unpleasant surprise. I'm a little miffed with the person who started piling garbage next to the dumpster. The wouldn't bother me except the dumpster were not full. There's no excuse for not putting the trash where it belongs. I dealt with it and didn't end up wearing to much of it. By this time I was starting to run pretty seriously behind schedule.

In my rush out the door, I didn't check the schedule closely before heading to work. I was added to the team unloading the truck today. When that happens on a maintenance shift, I have to change my work priorities so that the friers all get filtered on time. I didn't know until it was a little late. They did without me until that chore was completed. The truck sure didn't get unloaded very fast. Went better once I got back there with them.

The rest of my work day was spent trying to keep the lobby looking presentable and putting away all the stuff that came out of the truck. Two chores on opposite ends of the building. Kept me running. It all got done so maybe the day wasn't a total loss. I just feel so badly out of kilter when I start the day in such a rush.

Soon I will sleep but first I have to figure out what went wrong with that stupid alarm clock. I have no plans for an encore tomorrow.