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Friday, 11 March 2016

Building a New Garden

I'm hoping that this is more than just wishful thinking. This spring I'm hoping to put in a big vegetable garden instead of the very modest one Francine has put in close to the camp building the past couple years.

The last time Irving came through logging and improved the road we're on, they threw the unwanted soil beside it on our side. This created a bit of a berm which has done bad things to our drainage but made a nice spot to plant a garden with relatively little work. I've started work on something a little more ambitious.

Last fall I took the chainsaw and wrought havoc on the Spotted Alders growing on the bottom two thirds of our property. In the spring I'm intending to clear off more of them just leaving a screen to keep it from being easily viewed from the road. That's the easy part.

While I'm completing that, I not only have to dig the soil by hand for the garden but I have to dig a drainage system of ditches as well. Back in the fifties this was farmland so I don't have any doubts about the fertility of the soil. I just know what a huge amount of work I'm up against. The best option is to try and develop it a little at a time. There is room to grow all our own veggies along with a chicken coop and whatever else I might fancy.

This all great in theory but if it happens I will be well acquainted with my shovel before it's progressed very far.