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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Done With That

Courtesy Pixabay

Well I was supposed to get a whole lot of writing done the last couple day and I didn't. I did get all the family tax returns done and filed electronically. Six returns filed, one for every adult member of the family. Thankfully Studio Tax's free software allows me to file up to twenty. Granted in a worst case scenario, I could download to a different computer and do another twenty.

I don't feel like we came out big winners but then again, I don't feel a victim either. I thought I was going to have a lot to bellyache about but it didn't turn out that bad. I usually get pretty feisty about non-refundable tax credits. Politically those things look like the government is giving lots to the little people. In reality, for the poor, we get to do a big huge calculation that comes out to zero at the end. When I'm given a zero, I don't feel like I've been given anything. Thankfully, I do know how to do the work by hand without the software that I can get for free now. When I worked for Liberty Tax back in Alexandria, I learned that most poor people have to pay someone to figure it all out for them.

The only thing not done yet is to pay our property tax. That will be done as soon as we get our return. Not a problem at all. The damage there wasn't as bad as I'd feared either. Last summer the tax assessor actually made it up into the bush here for the first time in something like a decade. He followed White Birch in a compact car without getting stuck. That was not the kind of miracle I needed. The locals here know not to take that road without four wheel drive. The best part of this is that he's not likely to visit again for another decade. Even then he might try it after a rain storm and Dean will have to go fetch him with a tractor, preferably at end of the day when the only thing he can do is go home.

All done for another year. Glad that it's over with until then.