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Thursday, 17 March 2016

No Where To Run

Courtesy Pixabay

You and a couple buddies are walking alongside a beautifully landscaped college campus. The weather is sunny and warm and the well groomed lawns look inviting. Taking a lazy stroll across the grounds looks like such a great idea. What you might not have noticed though are the two college students walking along a short distance behind you and your friends. What you don't know is that these two guys work to maintain that property to pay their schooling and have the keys to every sprinkler control box on that fifty-six acres.

Yes my friend Paul and I were that evil. Watching those young people enter our domain put us right into our element. As soon as we knew where they were headed we ran to the appropriate control box, opened it up. Took quick note of the system map, if we weren't already familiar with it and then worked as a team. One of us would follow the intruders calling out system numbers to the other still stationed at the control box. When they got out of range of those sprinklers we moved on to the next appropriate controller and went through the whole process again.

I'm not sure how wet these people got but we hounded them from one end of campus to the other. No matter which direction they turned they were greeted by first the sound of air hissing out of the water lines and then a shower of water. They weren't safe until they left campus. We had a blast.