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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Weather Yo-yo

From extreme cold at the beginning of the week, to an early spring like thaw and now freezing hard again tonight. Sunday it's supposed to rain some again. Not quite sure what's going to happen next as far as the weather goes.

One of the older gentlemen customers told me the other day that winter was over. I'm not confident of that. We usually get something around the Passover and that's still quite far off. In the meantime my main concern is still getting dry enough firewood.

The thaw and then refreeze made our road a really slick icy hazard. Walking back from the truck after work I laid down on the roadway for a few moments, not voluntarily. I wiped out in slow motion so I avoided injuring myself. Brandon and Francine wisely refrained from trying to help me out. They probably would have fallen down on top of me. After that we stuck to the edge of the road, where there was a little crunch to the snow and some traction.

Next thing to do is go lay down in my bed and get some rest. I'm a little over tired. When Francine came to pick me up at work, I didn't even notice that we had a couple passengers in the back at first. Usually I'm a little more with it than that. Better turn in while, I'm still making sense.