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Friday, 12 February 2016

Gangsta Bluff

Courtesy Pixabay

For country bumpkin home-schooled children, my gang are not easily intimidated. Some city kids once found that out and the story is a bit amusing.

We were attending church services in a rented hall because the group we were visiting had no building of their own. It wasn't in a bad neighbourhood but some of the local kids thought they were pretty tough.

My children after the service was over would go outside because there was no one else their age there and hang out by the family minivan and talk or listen to music. Used to do the same thing when I was younger only the others our age would come out with us.

Out in the parking lot some of the local kids showed up and started to harass them. They strutted around, quoting tough guy lines from various movies they'd seen. My kids were unimpressed and the taunting got a little more aggressive. Finally my boys had heard enough.

Andrew gave his brother a scowling nod, “That's it! Brandon! Get the gun!”

Brandon reaches behind the back seat of the van and pulls up the jack handle. It's a piece of pipe with a small metal pin in it that could be mistaken for the bead sight on the business end of a shotgun. He stuck it out the door of the van making sure they could only see the last six inches or so and shouted, “Andrew grab me a cartridge!”

They proceeded to make a few realistic sounds and the local wannabee gangsters hesitated for just a few seconds and then fled in terror. Never came back. Never bothered them in the parking lot again. My gang found the whole thing hysterically funny.