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Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Perfect Drop Shot

Courtesy Pixabay

It was a thing of beauty. The opposing volleyball player who had just delivered the serve dove uselessly to the floor in a gallant attempt to reach it. The blocker opposite me backpedaled, leaped high reaching for the ball but not quite touching it as it passed over his head. The player in the center of the court also made a desperate lunge for it to no avail. The ball landed just a little inside the line marking the edge of the court. A beautiful side out in our favour.

Just before that play. Two of my friends were on the sidelines razzing me about my flashy metallic blue gym shorts. I'll admit they got to me and I was busy jawing back at them. I wasn't even paying attention to the game anymore. Seeing that I was distracted the server fired the ball right at me.

“Pico! The ball!”

I spun dropping into a ready stance just in time for the ball to hit me right in the forehead. Nobody on the other team was expecting it come back. My friends rolled on the floor laughing. When they regained their composure they told me my facial expression while I made the play was the best part, at which point they lost it again.

Those were a great pair of shorts.