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Friday, 1 May 2015

Lumber Launcher

It was election time in Quebec and for whatever reason the local liberal party candidate came to tour our rocking chair factory. Fifty person entourage filling the aisles between all those potentially dangerous machines.  My job at the time was operating the manual shaper, the most tempermental of them all. The job that day was heavy chair armrests. This particular job was very difficult. During development I launched several of those arms across the shop. One those actually warped the machine's shaft. I always wore a protective apron made from the same material they use to make flak jackets. I was on vacation though and a rookie was filling in for me.

Within the hour before the arrival of the group, our rookie accidentally launched  one of those armrests across an aisle. Just missed the mortising machine operator. After the group, left another armrest went flying the other direction and hit the bandsaw operator in the back of the neck. Fortunately he was not seriously injured. After the fact my supervisor found the whole scenario hysterically funny as he explained to me why they saved the rest of that order for my return.

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