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Monday, 13 April 2015

Epic Water Shot

I was waiting for inspiration this morning and Jassi my co-worker gave it to me. I asked her what kind of sauce was in one of the squeeze bottles. She took it from my hand, accidentally gave it a squeeze and shot herself right in the face with a blob. I laughed so hard.

That reminds me of a few great moments like that on the job. My all time favourite has to the sprinkler system test accident. Co-worker Matt was my unfortunate victim.

As a lead hand working on the college landscaping department, one of my responsibilities was to make sure the automatic sprinkler systems were functioning correctly. I'd briefly turn on each system from the control box and checked them out.

This particular day my job was complicated by some recent construction work. They dug a hole next to the controller and accidentally cut all wires. They were nice and spliced them all back together – in a scrambled sort of way. It took us awhile to figure out which system was associated with which dial position. I turned on my test and walked over for a look and the system wasn't on. Then I had a horrible thought. Matt was cutting the front lawn at the time. I ran to have a look and sure enough I got him. Oddly though he was making effort to stay dry. I ran back the controller to shut the water off and then back to Matt to try and apologize without laughing too much.

Turns out the pop up sprinkler head came up right under the push mower Matt was operating. The mower sheared it off. When Matt pushed past the broken water line it squirted him right in the crotch. I could not have planned that. To hide the embarrassing wet spot he walked around until he was all wet, not just that spot on his pants.